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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Charity @ Sunway Pyramid

Christmas is giving present to your love one... How about doing charity as well to those least fortunate? Let's the world celebrate this festive with joy together...
There is a wishing Christmas tree at Sunway Pyramid for those who in need... You may look for this tree which located at "old wing"... Outstanding? Mostly people doesnt notice it as probably not interested... Kinda sad though !!

Zooming in what exactly the decoration is... Beside the normal Christmas jingle jingle bell bell and etc... There are some tags that stated those in need.... Slowly browse through you may found it too interesting... Let's see what is needed?

So do have normal need such as milo, shampoo and rice... But some do have much advance need such as laptop and iphone.... Some even more advance such as deposit for house... So its up to your ability to help those in need...

Can I rename this Ellen's tag to mine?? I also wish to owe a laptop... as a blogger, doesnt owe any own PC really inconvenience for me.. Haihzz... Its a need for me tooooooooooo !!

Any generous people willing donate to me one??? Probably I should make my own wishing tree...

So while dropping by at this shopping mall... You may look for this tree and show your "care the world" attitude... There are instruction how can you take your action... Got the helping heart is not enough.. Action is louder than words..

See... there are lots of donation..... I think if there is one laptop inside, will it still safe? Even a minute.... How they will display the iphone inside this box? Guess !!!

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  1. Giving gives more happiness than receiving :)

  2. next time if u join this just invite me k:)

  3. walau so many ideas for one christmas! ideas overflow ler

  4. I want more clothes,shoes,money & I wanna get slimmer! Happy christmas darlin ;)

  5. Hope you will get your Christmas wish fulfilled!

    Cindy Leow


  6. hahhaa! i wish to have a laptop too xD

  7. This nice SMas Tree, happy Christmas.

  8. i didnt notice this leh>< sad I want a DLSR also!!!!!!!!!!!TT


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