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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Popeye @ Pyramid

Its very similar to KFC but as compare, this is seems much healthier... But no fast food is healthy.... Popeye looks healthy because less oily and salty... The taste is not that strong... But more important is the less oily.... Beside that the chicken also less fat and very tender.... Just one bite.. I'm in love with it... But limited outlet available at Malaysia.. If i wanna craving it... Still need to drive quite far...

The set very look alike...
But the taste totally different...
The chicken is spicy crispy + tender...
the coleslaw really much better...
The whipped potato is little spice and yet I prefer KFC...

Ordered two different sets as there are much more choices...
Fried chicken (above) and fried boneless chicken (below)
the most delicious will be the so called dont know is bun or muffin..
if there is coffee.. then perfect..

Surprisingly, there are crowd... So people start moving away from others can popping at here... probably as many comments, less oily... that is the most important.... Nowadays, people starting to practice healthy lifestyle... so dont eat so many fast food... Once a while.. its OK...

But why this fast food outlet dont decorate some Popeye the sailorman's toy or whatever in it? Its will create more attraction.... May be its fast food chain so simple decoration is more than enough... Save cost.. !!!


  1. the chicken at Popeyes in SG , when I went there ..was very spicy!!! xP

  2. Oh! damn so nice :O
    To bad Kuching no Popeyes? LOL

  3. Actually I DO love popeye!
    Sometimes more than KFC. =D

  4. my first experience in Popeye was not tat pleasant, the chicken i had was dripping tonnes of oil all over the table!

  5. I heard the mashed potato is nice but I havent try yet so far :P

  6. food looks like a decent competitor to kfc :)


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