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Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Social Network - Mark Zuckerberg

Yup !! I know I'm quite late... But better than none... Yup !! I'm know I'm abit outdated... But better than none...

The Social Network - this movie being at cinema quite some time and I only watched it yesterday... Well.. Heard so many comment about this movie.. Some is excellent and some is turn down.. But those doesnt draw my attention away towards this movie... A story about Facebook... As an active facebooker of me, how can I miss this movie? Definitely nope...

I'm just merely a facebooker which enjoyed so much login everyday to check on almost everything [status, photos, notification, games etc]... I know nothing about the facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and little knowledge about how Facebook get started...

This movie really impress of me and get my greatest attention to get to more.. Probably will search more information about Facebook.. Got any book about it right? If got, I'm going to get one...

Frankly speaking, if this is the real true story.. My feeling after finish watched the whole movie is "I want to quit FB".... Why I got such feel is because I personally think Mark betray his friend and he stold the idea and make it for his own...

But the other way of thinking, he really genius which create a real big bang that amaze the whole world.... Now who dont know about Facebook?

In this movie, two girls said Mark is a nerd... yup I quite agree on that.. and He is an asshole.. hmmm this probably need to flirt with him only got that answer... :P

Anyway, some people might fall asleep in this movie... at the end...


  1. I just, just watched it ytd too.... yes, im abit outdated too, better than missed this movie.... I want to be a billionaire too~!! lolz!

  2. For me, I think this movie is great and awesome! and i will still use Facebook, even more prouder, because I know the history :D :D

  3. The Social Network! i haven watch that movie leh TT

  4. I watched edi! Damn niceee ! They talk very fast wtf

  5. I feels like watching too alto I know it would be boring. LOL!!

  6. I've attended the talk given by her sister last year during a conference =D

  7. L0ove this movie so so so much, watched it twice d. worth watching. the tempo was super fast.

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  8. havent got the time to watch it but i'll watch it then..sed


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