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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Happy Dong Zhi @ 冬至快乐

Today is Winter Solstice... In mandarin is 冬至....

For chinese, today has very special meaning.. Today chinese will get together with family member and eat glutinous rice balls with sweet soup. Today everyone will become one year older...

There oldies said, if you are 21, then you need to eat 21 湯圓... Imagine if the elderly is 70 years old, he/she need to eat 70 湯圓 (glutinous rice balls)... That's a lots.. hehe.. Anyway, just enjoyed...

This is not homemade... As nowadays people getting busy with their work... readymade or frozen is the best choice... Traditionally, its plain with various colour.. But now modern day, we have modern version... Its easy and tasty too... yummy yummy...

Peanut with pandan skin.... its so peanut.... haha !! One bite, you definitely will satisfy...

This is my most favourite... Black sesame... nobody going to hate this... one is enough? Not for me...

Look at the ball? too big to fit into my mouth... oh Gosh !!



  1. omg, i have that too this morning!

  2. it looks a bit like "kuih melaka" without coconut debris on it..

  3. I like tangyuan toooooooooo!
    i am gonna buy the black sesame flavor later xD

  4. I havent eaten mine at all. Already 5 years since I last had tong yuen

  5. Happy Dongzi! Very nice tongyuen you have there. Yummy!
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