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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Online Cash Generator

Online Cash Generator.. sound "geng' when see this word...
Nowadays, a lots people do a lots of activites to earn income. Question now is whether can I really use my computer + Internet to generate this online cash into real? Create a Home Based Business or cash automatically generating while working comfortably at home?? Sound great? Yeah, provided you really put 100% effeort on it.
Internet really play an important role nowadays for million of people like ME..
The cost really minimal compare to those setting a real shop.. So why not?
What job that related to working at home or generate cash while online? Most popular will be :-
a. Blogging + Advertisement [such as nuffnang, google adsense]
b. Paid Read Article [such as .....]
c. Paid click advertisement [such as....]
d. Online store [selling clothes, .....]
Over since I start blogging two years ago, I noticed that many people gaining income just participate all those choices I listed above.. Some even dont need to work but the income flowing in and increasing... Attractive? Just blog and you earn...
Please bear in mind, you wont make anything if you dont try.. any harm of trying? why not giving you a chance?? hahaha.. I'm sound like very successful.. well.. I want to give myself a chance.. That's why I'm decide to get myself a laptop....


  1. I am giving myself a chance too XD earn extra pocket money slowly...

  2. you can find a lot of opportunity for money on the NET..

    for example blogging..

    i just joined in affiliate program from Exabytes Angel program. They will give you commission if you are able to attract people to register their hosting service

  3. i only do it via blogging.. and twitter :)

  4. if you know how.. let me know too.. :P money money come

  5. i earn from Nuffnang, Google Ads and Churp Churp only ;(

  6. i earned from twitter, adsense n innity :)

  7. How to earn more?? Let me know?? LOL~ I need lotsa money.. XD

  8. I earn from nuffnang and google adsense only at this moment.. but looking at others as there are plenty out there...

    Not sure is trustworthy or not.. still on going... probably after I able to cash out only i blog it out...

  9. if you have adsense you can try adwords too.. to increase visibility on google. :D


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