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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Blogging - Great Experience

Nowadays, many people into BLOGGING... Its a great way to express your ideas, opinions, and experiences to others... Many people into blogging due to many reasons.. Some blog anything about their life... Some blog into specific topic or interest like Photography, Property, Financing and etc..

Blogging is one of the trend today to market yours products.. its also and effort to increase traffic to your blog.. Its a marketing platform for products and services. What means by that? Small enterprenuer dont have much income to set a brick wall store. So online store is a good platform for them. Blogging also can be a source of side income. You can attract advertiser to put the ads. In my opinion, this is win-win situation. The blogger able to get side income and increase the traffic to their blog. The advertiser able to create aware for their products.

Basically, I blog anything that's come into my life. I dont have specific topic. But heard from people, no specification is not good especially want to generate side income. But anyway, I blog for fun but if can generate little side income then that's better.

What your BLOGGING's intention and experience?

So everyone, Happy Blogging !!

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