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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Airasia Lowest Airfare

Airasia is famous for the lowest airfare among all... Its really create a great bridge for me to get nearer to the WORLD... I'm started to have chance to travel is because of Airasia.. I'm definitely in love with it....

While I'm browsing the airfare for latest promotion... I found out a very funny things.. I'm not sure its system error or anything.. May be Airasia IT expert can figure it out for us... If they happen to see this blog..... Check it out...

Can you spot what is the problem??? try to look closely.... closely and closely.... hehehe... If you dont.... then let me tell you the answer... hehehe....

The currency sign.. there is MYR and Pound sign... its so weird... after the system so beesing ... out of sudden like this.... So lowest in Pound? Or lowest in Ringgit? Better in Rupiah or Yen then...

Mr AirAsia should find out and let me know what happen?... hahaha..


  1. i would like to think that the ticket prices is the lower between the two and pay for the lowest fare instead??



  2. hahaha.. i hope it's rupiah as well... ;p

  3. cool.. haha.. tax should be little also =)


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