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Sunday, October 17, 2010

McDonald Black Pepper Spicy Chicken McDeluxe

Yeah.. There is new menu.... specially brought to us by McD... yeah yeah yeah...

If you like normal spicy chicken McDeluxe... now you definitely like Black Pepper McDeluxe... its super super hot and spicy toooo... crispy... try it... while it stock last.... limited time only lo.. go grab it....

when I open the box.. I wonder myself whether my mouth is big enough to fit this burger?? big? enough? fit? hahaha.... no matter what.. I will open my mouth big big lo... ehh. why not press the burger instead open my mouth big big????

Big enough?? not really?? look at my sister then... hehehe

I'm loving it...


  1. lol =X my friends say taste like muruku lol

  2. The comments by Kian Fai is so cute..Muruku !!...anyway, will try to taste it soon....

  3. Im still reeling at the size of the mega big mac! :D


  4. can't wait to try it. oh $$$ please come quickly

  5. Muruku? oppss... next time I try to taste whether it is?

    but I still prefer the original McDeluxe.. hehehe....

    anyway.. try new thing.. why not right?

  6. After i tried, i also dun like it. Might as well add my own pepper


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