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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Pizza Hut’s 6 Cheese Extreme Pizza

Its super cheesy !! superb... When I first think of this cheesy pizza from PIZZA HUT.. wow... my favourite extra cheesy pizza... why not give it a try? But after second thought.. wait a minutes.. EXTRA CHEESE?? OMH !! I'm in diet... After third thought... I want it.. I cant stop to dream of it.. I want I want... Its 6 cheese into one pizza.. who can resist it?? Oh God !!!

Here am I... I'm so in love with the 6 cheeses pizza.. its like specially created for cheese lover like me... yeah yeah yeah... I so in love with it until the menu I feel want to take home.. Paste it at the wall like my Mr Jacky Cheung's poster.. hahaha

First of all, let me introduce which 6 cheeses that make me so crazy about it....

Cheddar – sharp tasting cheese
Mozzarella – semi creamy soft cheese
Parmesan – extra hard cheesy, best used in spaghetti
Provolone – slightly tart
Monterey Jack – cheese made by cow's milk
Romano – salty and sharp

All these cheeses into my mouth at once.. Wow.. can you imagine how it taste?? Happiness !! yeah... its so so so satisfy...

I ordered a combo for two people... for my sister and me... The combo include the most favourite at all time - GARLIC BREAD... its so delicious... mushroom soup.... and Revive Ice.. come together with the most important which is the 6 cheeses extreme pizza (regular).. The 6 cheeses exptreme pizza is without topping.. So you may have option to add on the topping.. 3 flavours for you to choose... My choice for the day will be the "CHEESY HAWAIAN".. cheese again...

Ta dahhhh !! refer to the picture above... Pizza hut proudly present 6 cheese extreme pizza... yeah yeah... its just out from oven... hot hot hot... still snapping photos? let's have a bite... dont wait..

Can you see the cheese?? can you see it? I was so excited when I saw it.. its so outstanding.. combination of the 6 cheeses... The outcome is so so great.... so how long the cheesy will be??

Its about 15cm... long enough for you.... Its also needs to depends your skills... You may try it... Let mine be your benchmark... Look at my sister.. She started to impatient.. "Wei !! how long I still need to hold this?"... okok... done done....

Enough cheese for you?? I bet there isn't pizza is this cheesy... its soft and tasty... full of satisfaction... One bite do you think is enough?

Definitely will be back... Thanks Pizza Hut... I'm crazy about Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese!


  1. pizza hut + lotsa' cheese = a happy alvinontherocks :) yeah g'luck if you're entering the competition.

  2. Why yours so cheesy de? I tried it also in Penang but it was so sucky. More bread than cheese. Hrmph.

  3. wow wow cheese temptation.. i dah try.. sedap giler!


  4. Oooo ~ Sweeeeet ! I'm so gonna try it ! Neways good luck for the entry XD

  5. Reading your cheesy entry makes me wanna eat cheesy again...yum yum

  6. woolala! so much of cheese! I love cheese!

  7. everyone gets to try it alrdy except me T___T

  8. IyouweBlog.com - yaeh yeah... go for it...

    Sherry - i like ur degarmo.. dont think liao.. go try b4 its end...

    Alvin - thanks for the luck..

    Mel - mine is cool... its so cheesyy.. this is Sunway Pyramid brand.. probably u go there have a try...

    Mizi - best right? giler betul.. hahaha...

    Sarmila - thanks for the BEST

    MY - its cheesee... thanks for the luck..

    Camy - yeah.. awesome..

    Eve - definitely craving..

    Crazy - same to me.. cheese lover...


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