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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My temporary LOST Life !!

I'm feeling so lost recently... LOST of my direction !! Work? Personal? I'm really LOST..
May be too many things happen at once and I dont know how to cope with it.. Especially when two family members fall sick.. Its not a temporary sickness whereas quite a long term..
"Human" really fragile... then why we still dont want to appreciate each other existence? After experience "missing" & "gone", I do appreciate every single person who walk in to my life.. no matter is colleague / friend / relative / family especially..
We as a human always regret after miss it.. But since already know it, why still let the regret happen?
I need to find back my DIRECTION !! feeling LOST is so unsecure..


  1. how come you lost so easily?what happen to you?

  2. how come you lost so easily?what happen to you?

  3. is it you feel your other not good enough to you?
    is it you feel no freedom with him?
    why don't you tell him?

  4. Sometimes I dunno what he think off.. I feel that, if he see me then SEEMS nothing.. but when he didn't see me.. then like STH..

    I also dunno how.. so feeling quite LOST sometimes...

    I wont give up de.. will try to work it out...


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