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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Me & "U"

Its been more than a month (12th Feb 2010) I be with "U"..

I can say its a good start due to we both willing to give each other "chance".. Really a "test and try" only.. but both of us willing to take this risk.. At beginning, this relationship doesnt come easy especially for me... As I doesnt cope well in Couple world.. I complain alots which I felt I lost my FREEDOM..

But along the way until now, I think its more harder for "U"... "U" are guiding me very well so that I can enjoying in OUR world.. "U" are really on top of my world..

Ours most of the things doesn't in common.. YES, I agree also that nothing is common.. Its all depends how both communication and adapt to each other.. that's why TOLERENCE & PATIENT take places.. We both learning from each other [but i feel i'm learning from "U" - that's y I feel so low]..
Slowly, we will have a lots in COMMON.. especially PHOTOGRAPHING..

Thank you for entering my CLOUDY's life..

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