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Friday, March 5, 2010

My hectic schedule !!

I'm not good at organize my time.. Whatever come first, that's is my priority...

I think i'm still not get use with two peoples world.. I really need some time to adapt into this lovely world.. All these while, I'm alone [single] I feel free [well !! doesn't means NOW i'm being tied up].. Previously, whatever I did, i dont need to take anybody into my consideration.. Wherever I go? Whatever I do? However I talk? Whichever I act?..

Its another level of LIFE.. which I'm being waiting for.. Being SINGLE quite some time.. and everybody see me as a no leg BIRD [wish to flying up up the sky] that dont wish to stop... Y do people do have these kind of impression towards me? Actually all these years, I'm travelling here and there, meeting up a lots of people, I do enjoyed.. I do think - will I spend my entire life alone? As my Mr. Right not appear, so I start to think - it is my Fate? well.. let the nature take it cause.. So my only focus is TRAVEL..

As age increasing.. my feeling of hoping a relationship is slowly faded.. Age increasing meaning opportunity decreasing.. But suddenly "U" shining in front of me.. make my world so bright.. The timing SEEMS so perfect.. I thought I'm ready but yet I'm not prepared..

Now I'm in relationship, I cannot act, talk or go wherever or whatever I wish.. [not really lost freedom - but certain level of RESPECT].. I know "U" will think "why friend seems more important?" But those friends really a good good friends of mine which I know them quite some time.. and very very seldom meet up [once a year].. These really hard to make it balance.. When I'm single - i got plenty of time but none of them come to me... And now, I'm got "U", they all come to me at once.. Beside these, I also need to allocate some of my time for my family [the most important - my priority]..

I really wish "U" can understand me and be with me go through these period..

p/s : i'm not sure is good or not to blog it out publicly or should I make it private?

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  1. I hope "U" don't get to read your blog. Try to talk it out face to face. I been immature before so what you experience now kind of ring some bell on my parts.


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