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Sunday, March 14, 2010

I City Shah Alam

Date : 12th Mar 2010
Attendee : me & "U"

First photo shoot with "U".. hahaha.. doesnt purposely show you how good am I in photo shooting.. not that good but not that bad.. hehehe.. but not up to can handle the DSLR camera la... shooting just for fun only...

I City located at shah alam.. its quite a HOT topic recently... take a look the photo below then you will know...

(Wish all will found their HALF soon !! as I found "U")

(I found "U" among all)

(I'm so lost but "U" found me)

(I almost reaching !!)

Hope this place can maintain very well.. Its a nice place...


  1. wow, whre is the place! it is amazing^^

    haha, btw, clicked ur ads liao~~~keep supporting u^^

  2. Its really a beautiful place.. a nice place for photo shoot also..

    Hopefully it can maintain well..

  3. hello....u n quirky r couple cuz u 2's blog have the same post...haha

  4. Mindy? who is quirky? and blog address??


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