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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Yo! Sushi - Mid Valley

Yesterday (1st May) went to MV for shopping.. arrive there about 11++.. Before going for my lunch.. thinking to have some light food first because very hungry... why I dont want straight away go for lunch?? Because still havent thinking what to eat yet.. I wanna eat something new lo..

So walk here and there suddenly passby this Yo! Sushi.. hmm.. why not give it a try since I havent dine in before... Frankly speaking.. for me, the price quite expensive compare to other sushi restaurant.. coz the food doesn't really impress me... So my sister and me ended only 3 plates.. hahaha.... but that also already cost me RM19.00+... Money hard to come.. but easy to go.. haihz...

All type of food differentiate by colour of the plate where indicate the price.. the whole menu also indicate in this way... their menu doesnt have much for me... but surprisingly the Miso Soup is Unlimited.. can drink till drop...

After the quick snack at Yo! Sushi, we hang around whole The Garden for about 2 hours.. then only go for lunch which at COVA...


  1. Yo sushi quite expensive ler... I'm from London so I know all abt it. but wah u eat out a lot, no need money one meh!

  2. I will be in MV in September this year. Will look for this outlet and some interesting food

  3. since taken the xenri sushi until now didnt eat liao~ 5555555 i want it ! i want it !
    yo! sushi taste delicious? wanna try 1 day

  4. hi..nice to meet you. exchanged your link.

    the sushi worth to taste it?

  5. Spinzer - yeah.. Yo! Sushi expensive.. should be my first and the last.. hehe.. I only eat 3 plates - is that mean a lot????

    Borneo Falcon - Fong Lye and Cova quite worth to try.. I posted about Fong Lye b4.. if want sushi probably sushi zanmai...

    My Diary and Everything Malaysia - not worthy to try lo.. taste normal and expensive..

  6. ohhh sushi!!! now i feel like eating sushi =D


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