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Friday, May 1, 2009

COVA - Mid Valley (Closed)

Today is Labour Day... First of all.. HAPPY LABOUR DAY !!!

Straight three days off (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) but I'm not goin back home for this long holiday.. staying back at KL so today went to MV for shopping...

Oh !! my house to MV just take not more than 10 min drive.. when almost arrive MV.. there were so many many cars lining up to enter then carpark.. wow.. so jammed... I thought everyone already go out from KL already... Entrance A and B already closed.. so I had to turn one big round to go other entrance... I dont want to go entrance G & H so i turned to Entrance U and Premier at The Garden.. I never been to there two entrances.. is a good chance for me...

Surprisingly, less crowded.. pretty good.. the rate for Zone U is the same as other.. while Zone Premier is a bit expensive.. Personally thinking is security is better and also same floor with the exit...

Successfully parked my car.. now is the time to "EAT".. Since is Labour Day, so thinking to eat something good... Not long ago while I'm surfing for nice food, bumped in this recommendation.. COVA at MV.. so tell my sister - why not we give it a try.. coz this restaurant got "flowery style coffee"... I mean is some drawing at the top of the coffee la.. hehehe...


(Me with my "gold fish eye" @_@)

(My lovely sister)

Frankly speaking, the drinks we ordered quite nice... but the food not that good.. too salty... We ordered Mocha Caramel, Cappucino, Pan Seared Dory Fish - Cream Butter and Smoked Salmon Angel Hair - Creamy... The dory fish and salmon really very very salty... if not for me will be quite perfect.. what a waste....

(Cappucino - RM9.50)

(Mocha Caramel - RM9.50)

(Big Plate and quite nice presentation)

(Smoked Salmon Angel Hair - RM26.50)

(Pan Seared Dory Fish - RM28.50)

There are Service Tax 10% and Govt Tax 5%... These two taxes already cost me RM11.00+.. so expensive... haihzz.. dine in at these type of place.. price already high and the tax more higher.. hmmm....

Anyway, I will be back to COVA one more time for their dessert.. SOON...


  1. The foods look nice and delicious but the price higher a bit, hehehhe

  2. was at mv too today. jln2 and ended having buffet lunch at spread restaurant in gardens hotel

  3. My Diary - yeah.. abit higher.. sometimes need to pamper myself with nice special food.. that's worth for living.. hehehe

    Johnny - I know that spread.. at 6 floor right?? I first time parked at Zone U and same floor with Spread..

  4. ya! you're right~ sometime we need special to coloring our life, hahah


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