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Friday, May 15, 2009

I'm Back !!

Finally my 8 days vacation already ended.. from 7th - 14th May 2009.. Its seems long but yet seems short..

Where I had been for this 8 days??? Fly from KL to Nanning then all along by bus to Liuzhou, Guilin, XingAn, Longsheng, Yangshuo, Lipu and Hezhou.. All this Guangxi District.. From the northest to the southest... half of the journey was in the bus..

China is famous of their scenery.. is like a "Paint".. and also their small small "puak" as every town has their own unique.. If want to see how developed and modern China is, must go to Shanghai.. but want to see the uniqueness of China must go to other District...

My first China trip was on 2005.. the place call Yunnan District consist of Kunming, Dali and Lijiang.. The local people call it KunDaLi.. I didnt manage to go ShangriLa.. what a disappointed I bring back for that trip..

This is my second trip to China and everyone said Guilin very beautiful.. somemore my father said cheap.. its below RM2K.. so ok lo.. but the scenery really not as what I imagine and I saw at TV.. hehehe.. anyway.. I had a great Family Trip.. can spend time with family.. putting off all the things at Malaysia.. behind.. a great thing..

OK.. now back to reality.. hahaha...

p/s - thinking how to write the blog for my 8 days trip... ????


  1. Looking forward for the photos. I never set my foot in China before

  2. never been to china also. pls submit yr daily report hehe


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