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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Big Apple Donuts

Its seems donuts season for my sister... since back from trip, she hunger for DONUT... Last week bought half dozen of DD... and today she bought two Big Apple... I think next week she goin for KC or JC.. hahaha....

(Kimochi & Mango Tango)

Nice packaging even though for two... no wonder RM2.20... But nowadays.. all the donut's brand also not cheap la.. all the price almost the same as each other...


  1. When young, papa bought "ngau che loon" from "pasat" RM0.20 nia.

  2. yeah too many doughnuts to chooose nowadays... krispy, j co, baozhi, etc...but i still love mister donuts....but only in japan!!! hohoho...i wanna go back to japan.... just for doughnuts...oh no...travel and visit my host families too.... :)

  3. yeah.. but now "Ngau Chee Loon" RM0.80.. still worthy to eat de.. hehe..

    wow.. japan ah... yeee.... I wish to go one day... need to save money first...

  4. I do think the price is too pricey for donut. And I don’t think eat one piece is enough. At least need 2 pieces of donuts.

  5. Yeah, nowadays a lot of donut franchising store coming in!

  6. haha, now i am over big apple, but wan to try krispy creme~~~

  7. Nowday so many donuts shop leh....too many choices, bt i prefer the 'durian' donut~ heheh


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