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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Am I suspected H1N1?

I'm not scaring anybody or even myself.. But the doctor told me to take extra pre-caution...

I'm back from China last thursday (14th May 2009), and the sore throat and coughing seems still follow me... Not getting serious but the curing process is little slower...

My job is provide training and doing support.. If no training, will engage in call all the time... I'm MC on Monday (18th) and get back to work on Tuesday (19th).. Since my another colleague on leave and no one is better understanding on the teaching lesson and I feel my throat able to handle it, I take over the Training for 11 persons.. Finish the training about 5.15pm.. my throat getting worst... Throughout the training, I keep on drink water and take candy.. but its seems didn't help much...

Today, I re-visit the doctor again to continue the antibiotic and MC.. the doctor told me I should go Hospital to do blood test.. Doctor said better becareful since my throat seems not getting well and I'm just back from overseas... hmmm... In my mind, I just think, if yesterday I didn't do training.. I think will be better... Doctor u dont scare me ok... So I convince the doctor to continue the antibiotic first and see what next... So the doctor advise me If friday also havent recover, I must go to hospital lo... okok..

Now, I'm trying to rest my throat and boiling some chinese herb to drink... hopefully will be better...

Let's check how many H1N1 symptons I engage with? 20% of it.. I'm still safe...

1. Fever - I dont have
2. Cough - got because throat very dry and itchy
3. Sore Throat - yeah.. badly
4. Runny nose - I dont have
5. Body aches - I dont have
6. Headache - I dont have
7. Chills - I dont have
8. Fatigue - I dont have
9. Diarrhea - I dont have
10. Vomitting - I dont have

Pray pray.. I'm goin to better..... whenever I tell people I'm sick.. everyone so scare that I might be H1N1... haihzz... I better stay at home these few days la... if not my colleague all will scare.. no worry.. be happy...

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  1. Training? Are you a teacher or something? So, how are you now? Getting better? I think its better you straight forward to the Hospital since time didn’t wait you.


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