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Monday, May 18, 2009

"Whatever" Herbal

Since back from trip, cough + sore throat getting ON and OFF.. my sister even worst as at night couldn't get well sleep..

Seen few doctors and eat plenty of WESTERN MEDICINE also need nothing improvement.. So I decide to go for Chinese Traditional medicine...

Went to the "Yuek Choy Po" and asking some advice what the best remedy and simple for me to boil.. The girl recommend me this.. I'm not sure what is this.. just "kasi" it boil lo... hehehe.. hopefully my sister can recover ler....

Hopefully the best remedy for my sister la... Faster faster faster recover pls....


  1. Hope you both get well soon...take good care ya~

  2. wow... get ready some plums/sweets for your sister too!! as it real looks bitter...the colour =.=

  3. its sweet de lo.. colour only look bitter.. hehehe.. nice to drink...


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