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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Guangxi Trip @ KLIA - Day 1

Date : 7th May 2007
Venue : KLIA - Nanning, China

My flight is at 17.40 and take about 3 1/2 hours to arrive Nanning.. My elder sister, bro-in-law, younger sister and me will take cab from Cheras to KLIA at 13.30pm.. My father, mother and three aunties will follow the travel agency's bus from IPOH.. ETA at KLIA is 15.30pm.. Its about two hours before the departure time... sharp sharp lo..

I think the time quite late or everybody rush to LCCT already.. not much people around the airport.. This is my 2nd time to take flight at KLIA.. hahaha.. abit excited... The tour leader gave us a badge with my name and number on it.. to stick it at the luagage for easy check-in later... This tour group consist of 16 peoples include tour leader.. just nice..

After check-in, we took the train to another side of the airport where we will depart later... While waiting at the departure hall, I saw there are many small small counter for checking at arrival hall.. make me so nervous about the H1N1...

I'm took Shenzen Airline.... why? because no other flight being offer except this and AIRASIA.. Shenzen Airline and AirAsia is same size of flight.. different is there is seat number, meal on board and the seat a little bit bigger... so can say a little big comfortable la... The whole flight only 24 peoples... so little right??... haha !!!~~!!! Peacefull flight...

One thing must mentioned which is.. Upon arrival, the flight was goin to landing, normally the flight will be landed very smooth.. but this pilot doing an HARD brake and suddenly corner and then stop... make all the passenger quite nervous.. its like emergency brake and like goin to crash... GOD BLESS... !!~!!

(The Meal On Board - quite nice also la)

(The plane is about same size of AirAsia - in fact I feel it smaller)

(Manage to see sunset at the top of the world where I at the top of million of people)

Since very less people, inside airplane very peaceful and after the MOB, they dim the light.. very romantic.. hahaha.. can sleep lo.. sleep sleep.. so tired... arrive at Nanning, China about 21.10pm ... The temperature as Malaysia... because is End Spring and Beginning of Summer....

Staying 3 star hotel... From the outside, I saw the hotel quite OK... At China - 5 Star hotel only equivalent to ours 3 star... haha.. so you can imagine the 3 star hotel lo.. Anyway, Its quite ok.. and In fact I find it quite funny for the design... the bathroom is in the middle of the room and almost transparent... hahaha.. Best design for couple.. I can said this is Honeymoon Room.. hahaha... Funny..

(Like aquarium)

(Triple bedroom for two of us)

After settled down at the hotel... Straight away we went down for a little walk... Since its just 22.30pm only.. dont want miss the night at Nanning.. Unfortunately.. our hotel quite far from the crowd.. so nothing much but only a dark and quiet street... Anyway, we found out there is one shop selling Guilin noodles opearates 24 hours... hmmm... so decide to give it a try...

(Hot and Spicy noodle = oily also)

In fact, later I found out, this Guilin Noodle is a famous breakfast and available almost everyday throught my stay at Guangxi District... ...

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  1. It's been a while now since I last take off from KLIA, let alone taking MAS flight

  2. LOL, the toilet is in the middle of the bedroom? That’s very weird. RM22.30 for hotel room? That is very cheap!

  3. The 3 stars hotel looks nice wor. At least slightly better than First World hotel lah...

  4. wow! toilet at middle bedroom?? I wanna go to stay a nite to enjoying the bathroom....hahahah

  5. if got children in the same room, how to take bath??? hehehe


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