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Monday, June 1, 2009

Guangxi Trip @ LongSheng - Day 4

Date : 10th May 2009

Breakfast at MerryLand Hotel... throughout the whole 8 days trips.. this hotel is the best.. 5 star among alls I stayed... so the breakfast quite a lots of selection.. especially on western style.. hehehe... Only one hour for breakfast.. really not enough... so many things to eat...

Then we start the journey to LongSheng to see the Rice Terrace... about 4 hours journey... so far away.... Then sleep sleep sleep lo... yerr.. I dont want get fat.. after eat then sit then sleep.. like a pig.. Really be-waiting for the LongSheng.... But but but....

The picture above is what suppose I expect to see... But but... we only see a small small hilll with all the grass on it... even this one stage stage also unable to see.. what a big disappointed... haihz... 4 hours journey but see nothing of this.... The tour guide told us, that time not the watery time.. but we saw that hill is like "terbiar" long time ago.. haihzz....

At Longsheng, we visited one of the village and had lunch at one of the local house... there are performance by the local people to entertain us...

(The village at LongSheng)

(the local people performing)

(small "bangku")

(Chinese Tea with rice cracker)

The lunch will be the steamboat... the soup very nice.. no ajinomoto lo.. very fresh taste.. no salty.. I really like it... its charcoal steamboat...

(Some of the dishes for the steamboat)

After the lunch, we climb a small hill to see the terrace.. unfortunately we see nothing other than the opposite side village... climb about 15 minutes.. so big disappointed...

(start the climbing - across a small river)

(stair to heaven)

(the view from the top)

(everyone say CHEESE)

After big disappointed, we leaving LongSheng with sad face... I tell myself.. I will be back.. hopefully.. what a big disappointment I bring back to M'sia.. haihzz... about 6 hours return journey.. but unable to see what I expected... haihzz....

Come to Guilin, we visited a shop selling Tibet Medicine... then only proceed to dinner.. all the dishes cook with tea.. in China, there are plenty of tea.. so this is TEA dinner... hmmm... But beside the kekwa... all i unable to taste the tea lo.. so hungry already.. cincai lo.. just eat..
Actually the waitress did introduce what is the dishes name, but nobody hear what she told us...

The we went to jalan jalan at one of the street... nice shopping time.. hahaha.. for the local delight for souvenir... and exercise also.. eat so many.. must walk walk first... if not getting fat...

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  1. wow! you all having so many kinds of food huh? but look so heavy leh...but i thinking to try the chinese tea with rice cracker

  2. omg, ur trip seemed so much fun!!!

  3. but i think at least you had been to the village and tried so many local dishes...tea with rice cracker is nice!! like the japanese tea+rice ...yumyum

  4. for malaysians who travel, they tend to hunt for food hahahaha. even my malay friends who were going to hong kong do ask me what kind of food must be tried

  5. Wow, lots of food. The Rice Terrace looks like the Banaue Rice Terraces that we have here in the Philippines. :)

  6. Wow. The hill looks so nice. I like it. =)


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