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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Ice-Cream Cake

Last week, my manager's birthday, we (all staff in office) bought an ice-cream cake for him.. And that cake quite a normal one for me.. aiyah... cheap cheap one ma.. but still ok...

Just now went to dinner and there is newly open bakery shop nearby my condo.. Since there is 30% off so dropby to have a look... The bread doesn't attract me but the CAKEs look delicious.. especially the decor quite nice.. So my sister decide to buy one..

This is the 1st time we buy a cake without any celebration... But my sister manage to find one reason for it.. which is her 3rd anniversary with the company.. hahaha.. like that also can...

(the cover - nice wording)

(0.5kg - RM29.00 and off 30% = RM20.30)

(pretty panda with the cake)

(a slice of the vanilla ice-cream cake)

Wah a nice ending for a day.. with this great supper.. hehehe... I dont afraid of fat de.. no worry..


  1. wow nice!!! and CHEAP!!!! i also wanna get one back... just to eat at home with family =p

  2. I am trying to stop taking ice!
    u made me feel like eating the cake!!!

  3. look like so delicious~ may i?? hahhaha


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