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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Happy Anniversary to me !!!

Weird title !! What anniversary?? Actually I already blog for one year +... times really flies so fast... I started to get to know BLOGGING world through my ex-colleague - a long time blogger... Reading her blog really my daily life.. But too bad, she stop blogging due to tight schedule with family...

I just blog for fun as I'm blogging about everything.. but mainly is travel and food la.. I'm not using high-tech English as I very comfortable with my broken English.. hahaha.. I'm so sorry !!

What I gain from this blogging world ah?? So far I'm not consider active blogger but I'm actively reading others blog.. So I gain knowledge lo.. information information and information pouring into my brain..

There is people inspired me to start blogging and I also did inspired one blogger to start hers.. hehehe... just exchange ideas la... But she much more expert than me in this blogging world...

Last last time when Internet doesn't so popular and I didn't hang around Internet that's often, I did write diary... But of course diary is much more personal emotion thingy comapre to now Blog.. Blogging I manage to shares many things with my friends and they can update my thingy from time to time...

Hopefully everyone can enjoy this blogging world freely....


  1. Keep on blogging and Happy anniversary

  2. haha, happy anniversary~~~
    rmb tat if u dun hv time, u dun really hv to quit blogging.

    juz take some time off...i oways do it^^ this makes life easier.

  3. happy anniversary!!
    me seldom blogging oso....busy n busy n busy work


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