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Monday, June 29, 2009

Mild Stroke

My mom is "kena" mild stroke last three days.. Now still hospitalize.. I'm so worry about her condition... But I cannot help me that much beside take care her... I really out of idea how to improve her condition...

The doctor suggest us to refer her to Brain Specialist.. But the medication fees we couldn't afford it.. I really feel myself very useless now... Why i didn't save for this raining season... sigh !!~!!!

Her left side of body not much energy and but able to walk if there is supporting... She able to talk but a little bit unclear... still able to communicate quite well... She abit out of control on the saliva and urine.. We keep on asking her whether want to go to toilet only she told us want to go.. I wonder if we didn't ask her.. do she will go herself...

I will be back to Ipoh from 2nd to 12th July 2009 to back Gopeng take care my mother.. Hopefully I got the idea how to go for the treatment.. Need to ask around for any recommendation for doctor... GOD bless my MOTHER...


  1. Sorry to hear the news. Keep us updated. Not much can be done when it comes to stroke. The only thing to do is to prevent it from happening again

  2. oh gosh. Really hv to take care of her. Hopefully, she will recover as soon as possible.


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