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Friday, June 6, 2014

Chew Chew Chow Tofu 超超臭豆腐

Stinky Tofu available in Malaysia and most of the major pasar malam like Taman Connaught / Sri Petaling / Kepong... If you are TVB drama fanatic or been to Hong Kong, you sure heard of stinky tofu.. Its Hong Kong signature snack... 

I tasted really stinky tofu at China (forgot which city)... Oh gosh !! That's real sticky tofu.. The whole tofu is fermented tofu and then pan grill it.. One small bite, immediately I vomit it and wash my mouth with whole mineral water... damn !! But its totally dont have strong smell.. Just the taste awwww !!

In Malaysia, its totally different... Fresh tofu dip into fermented water (not sure how long) and deep fried it... Outside is cripsy, inside is soft... Its smell is really stink.. If you ever been to Pasar Malam (night market), you can smell the strong stink far far away... Many people will try to avoid it.. But its OK for me even though bad.. 

One bite, you will know how good it is... The smell is stink but the taste is delicious.. Soft tofu with crispy outside... with chili sauce and cabbage, perfect combination... selling at RM0.75 per piece.. Minimum selling is 4 pieces..

Stinky Tofu
Enjoying my piece
Stinky Tofu
4 pieces of Stinky Tofu
Stinky Tofu
My sister doesnt like it

Stinky Tofu
Chew Chew Stinky Tofu Sri Petaling
 Do try it.. May be you like it... :P

P/S - Photo taken using HTC One X

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