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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Chicken Rice @ Wisma UOA (Jalan Pinang)

There is foodcourt located at Lower Ground of Wisma UOA Jalan Pinang... This foodcourt use to be my daily lunch place when I worked at Wisma UOA back year 2008... That time, my favourite would be Chicken Rice (always long Q), Mee Bandung, Claypot chicken rice (long Q too) and Steam Fish Rice... 

Its still my favourite lunch place after changed work but not frequent.. Around year 2010 to 2011, its close and refurnish to a better look... Then most of the stall owner changed even though type of food sell is same... Taste doesnt same...

Start to re-visit this foodcourt this year and find out the ventilation is better, environment is brighter and feel good to dine-in compare to previous... First try is the chicken rice stall.. This stall has a lots of option beside CHICKEN + RICE... You always can add-on... Chicken + Rice, or Chicken + Rice + Vegetable, or Chicken + Rice + Vegetable + Mushroom and so on and on..

So I tried Chicken + Rice + Vegetable for RM7.50... At first I thought normal vegetable like Sang Choy (Chinese Lettuce) or Yau Mak and the portion will be little... But but but, to my surprise, its baby choy sam (looks abit like Hong Kong style).. and its alots.. For vegetable lover, MOST happy time.. :P

Food COurt
Chicken Rice + Vegetable set
 Totally no complain with the Chicken Rice + Vegetable set at RM7.50..

Food COurt
Choy Sam
Choy Sam vegetable is alots... and not over-cook it... The greenie still there... Doesnt feel old or hard even though it look thick or old..

Its standard chicken rice.. the rice very fragrant smell.. Its taste butter + ginger.. Not too soft and not too hard... Timing is an issue here... 

Food COurt
Roast Chicken
The Roast Chicken is smooth and the skin doesnt dry... Quite perfect and for foodcourt standard, this is really good...

Chicken Rice
Chicken Rice Stall (Wisma UOA)
Yeah !! Nice Chicken Rice stall...

P/S - Photo taken using HTC One X

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