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Monday, June 23, 2014

Tortilla @ Wrapstarzz Times Square

Bought a deal for RM13.00 consists of 2 wraps and 1 nachoz which all total worth of RM25.00

Its a new kiosk and everytime I passing by, its no patron.. So since there is a deal, why not to give it a try? The whole wraps selection price range from RM4.90 to RM9.90 and the nachoz price range from RM7.90 to RM10.90... So for this deal, you only allow to choose wrap price of RM4.90 to RM8.90 and nachoz of RM7.90..

Remember choose wisely if not you cant gain the maximum discount of it... How to say? If you choose 2 of RM4.90 + nachoz RM7.90 = RM17.70.. So you gain RM4.70 discount.. But but but, if you choose two wraps of RM8.90 + nachoz RM7.90 = RM25.70.. So you gain RM12.70 discount.... Now do you see the different?

Tortilla Nachoz
Happy Face !!
I think the staff is rushing time to close because they didnt ask me whether to dine-in or take-away.. Give me take-away packing whereby I feel a little wasted as I'm dining-in..

Frankly speaking, waiting time is not really satisfactory since I'm only customer that time.. Imagine if at least 4 waiting? Hope they can improve it... 

Tortilla Nachoz
Mine twos !!
The wraps serve in HOT.. So its good to bite.. But mine a little burn.. Overheat... So my two choices are Caesar Wrap (RM6.90) and Chicken Peri (RM7.90)..

Tortilla Nachoz
Cheezy Nachoz - RM7.90
Cheezy Nachoz make of corn tortilla chips, tomato sauce, nacho cheese sauce and slice onion.. Frankly speaking, the worst nachoz ever i ate so far... The cheese sauce is cold - should be just out of fridge... and the nachoz is not crispy anymore.. Should be expose to the air too long... 

I didnt manage to finish it because the taste is very awful.. I didnt complain immediate to the staff as I'm in hurry.. So i drop a message at their FB and they replied will take note.. Hope they really take note on it... 

Tortilla Nachoz
One full bite

Tortilla Nachoz
Caesar Wrap
The filling is enough and the sauce fill up all corner.. Every single bite you can taste all... Hope their ingredient can keep as freshness as they can... So would you consider Wrapstarzz or Subway? 

P/S - Photo taken using HTX One X

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