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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Passion !!

Passion = Fire

A candle sacrifice itself to light up everyone's life.... The lighter it is, the brighter you are...

Do I have passion towards life? Everything you do in life should have passion? I think the more passion you have towards certain thing you are doing, the more involvement you are in the matter... Should be the better it is...

Example, Coca Cola [COKE] is an ART for me.. So I like to collect it.. I have coke can/bottle around the world but mostly ASIA countries... I have many COKE's merchandise like t-shirt, key chain, water tumbler and etc... Many of friends influence by me too.. My dad purposely DIY a cabinet to put up all my collection... Whenever I at overseas, looking for COKE is one of my sure activity... So is this consider PASSION?

I like blogging and photography... Where is my PASSION towards its? Excuse is not the best reason for it... Just work it on... My Passion for blogging !! My Passion for photography !! ... I need to commit to it... Jia You Jia You !!!

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