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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Salute Germany - Fifa World Cup 2010

Since World Cup 2010 kicked off on 11th June 2010.. I only able to catch up few matches...

I'm not that sure when I started like Germany.. Definitely at World Cup 2006 I'm with Germany.. But not sure on 2002... When I started draw my attention to World Cup, my eye cant get rid off the ex-Germany goalkeeper.. Oliver Kahn... I amused by his skill.. the ball just cant passby him... he is like magnet whereby the ball like to stick with him...

This time World Cup, the goalkeeper also not bad... I think this is the way they train up.. almost similar skill... Germany's defense really strong.. team work quite good.. The striker also not bad... if not wont get a good goal along the matches...

Germany vs Australia - 4:0
Germany vs Serbia - 0:1
Germany vs Ghana - 1:0
Germany vs England - 4:1
Germany vs Argentina - 4:0
Germany vs Spain - 0:1
I'm sure this time World Cup, will be familiar with an Octopus name Paul.. He rorrectly predicted the result for Germany all matches... Thought the semi-final will proof Mr Paul wrong but really its destiny?
Anyway, not sure is Germany lost control or Spain too skillful... But Germany still not give up until the last second.. So I salute them... Great job !!


  1. I think Germany team will win the FIFA world cup 2010 final because over all performance is very good than other team.

  2. damn i wanna kill paul then make octopus rings, takoyaki and shashimi octopus tonight!!!!! =p

  3. already dun feel like supporting any team liao, support who oso lost 1><~~


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