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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Marriage Proposal

Today listen to 988 radio station... DJ Kin making a marriage proposal at her office... wish him good luck...
Do marriage proposal a neccessary?
Nowadays how many people still making marriage proposal?
As the relationship goes stable and its time for next level, is it the marriage topic will pop up automatically? or do marriage proposal need to take places?
Many of my friends told me, before get into marriage must discuss everything / say clearly..
So what are the things need to be so clearly??
Such as, how the sharing cost for daily life? staying together with in law [advice from many angle - better not]? after give birth - the girl continue working or stay at home? etc etc etc...
Since the discussion is needed, then what is the point for marriage proposal? Discussion first then proposal? Proposal first then discussion?
Couple discuss about how they marriage until both agree... Since agree, then what is the point for proposal? a ceremony not to be missed?
A guy propose to a girl and at that moment, the girl very touch and agree... then discussion take place whereby both cant get the common sense about future.. so what is the point of proposal?
Marriage is some sort a contract that bind two human being together.. Divorce is some sort a breach of contract.. So what is the different between marriage and divorce? Its seems no different as both need signature...
Anyway, wish all the married couple "Enjoy Life"... If havent marry but plan for proposal "All the Best"... For those still enjoying single life, "Enjoy till the fullest"...

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