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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Guangxi Trip @ Liuzhou + Guilin - Day 2

Date : 8th May 2009
Venue : Nanning - Liuzhou - Guilin

Consider a good sleep.... start a new fresh day.. really cant wait what is in front.. many people said GUINLIN's scenery is very beautiful... its my turn to experience it... Since I'm going to few places in these 8 days, from the southest to the northest of GUANGXI District.. So everyday must change HOTEL...

About 8.30am, start the journey to Liuzhou.... Below are some few shots before I left Nanning going to highway...

(1 - So dangerous the girl sweeping the bus stand roof)
(2 - seems the building pretty than m'sia)

(1 - Trishaw - geng - "KUAT")
(2 - so relax, seems no need working)

(1 - nice drawing at the wall)
(2 - three wheels small lorry)

Almost 3 hours, reach at Liuzhou.. its a very small small industrial town... Because from Nanning to Guilin take about 5 - 6 hours.. so in the middle we stopby at Lizhou lo...

(Entrance to Lizhou)

(Toll - different from M'sia - red red - nice)

Finally arrived at the first destination... 1st we went to a garden... where the local people love to hang around there.... beautiful lake... we just spend about half and hours only...Its Friday.. but alot lot lot peoples around the garden.. walk walk.. jog jog.. picnic picnic.. got many students also... hmmm.. seems so relaxing...

(Entrance to the bridge - cross over)

(Does it look like sam poh tong? hahaha)

(my family - Father, Mother, Eldest sister, Bro-in-law, Youngest sister and 3 Aunties)

(My father like to snap photo inside of the entrance)

(Yeah - I'm loving it - hahaha)

(Wow.. beautiful flower - i want to jump on it)

After the nice and relaxing garden, we went to another big garden.. where there is a small muzeum and "tombstone" (Kubur - not sure english call what?) for the VERY IMPORTANT PERSON at old day's Liuzhou.. I forgot what the name.. He is the main person to develop this Liuzhou.. He is from some Dynasty... old right?... we spend about 1 hours...

(all poem from this VIP writing)

(The "Kubur" - original one spoilt - this is rebuilt)

Then we proceed to "jalan jalan" lo... been waiting for this long time jor.. hahaha.. there is a street where all the shop locate.. we spend about 1 1/2 hours at the street.. got eat got buy got drink got play.... not so big street.. but enough to spend for an hour...

(the shopping street)

(a row of stalls selling snacks)

At 4.30pm, we start our journey to Guilin.. the main town for Guangxi District.. its a tourist places.. as there is ones said "Guilin san shui jia tian xia, Yangshuo san shui jia Guilin".. let me see how beautiful of this two places.. as the days go on....

Arrived at Guilin, straight away we went to dinner.. coz the night activities is much more interesting.. hehehe... Because at night the Guilin's scene is full of colour.... its a colorful town...

After dinner, we went to massage lo.. foot or body massage.. I'm easily get "GELI" so I choose foot massage... this is my first time... I'm so nervous and excited.. luckily I managed to get through it.. hahaha.. alots of funny funny things happen throughout the period... huh... anyway, at least I successfully gone through it.... got 1st time will be 2nd time and more more more.. hahahaha...

Then then, the night still young.. hahaha... the colourful side of GuiLin.... ta... dah.....

So its time to go ZzZzzzzzZZzz already lo.. what a tired day.... sleep early la... tomolo another day... quite nice hotel... 3 star.. what do you want to expect right?.. hehehe.... Goodnite...

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  1. The tolls plaza looks like a LEGO.

  2. wow... great!! i always wanted go to guilin when i was in guangzhou early of the year.... but...erm...anyway next time next time...because china has PLENTY of places to go =p cant wait to read more of guilin!

  3. I heard the massage service there is very cheap compare to here

  4. I think I like the Lotus Root dish...

  5. Liuzhou isn't a small town. It is the second largest city in Guangxi.

    The important person whose name you forgot is Liu Zongyuan. You can read about him on Wikipedia.

    (I live in Liuzhou)


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