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Sunday, May 3, 2009

McDonald Happy Meal - Doramon Series

Yesterday, while I jumping from one blog to another blog, suddenly found out there is this free Doramon toy with purchase of McD Happy Meal...

Anyway, I know I'm adult.. but who said adult cannot eat Happy Meal??? So after my sister wake up.. faster faster because feeling so excited.. then drive to nearby McD.. my lovely Happy Meal with time machine Doramon.. hehehe....

The whole set got 6.. not sure I can manage to collect it all or not...


  1. yo! got how many on tht series? wanna do a collection! hahhaa

  2. seem such promotion not only attract small childs interest...also adults...^ ^

  3. wow...doraAmon =)
    nice!!! i wanna collect all also =p

  4. all got 6 for the whole series... better be hurry.. its selling like hot cakes.. hahaha....

    Doraemon is my all time fav... watch this cartoon since young wor..

  5. i also wanna go collect, doreamon here i come :D


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