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Monday, May 4, 2009

Lee Hom Concert

Date : 2nd May 2009
Time : 8.20pm to 11.00pm
Venue : Stadium National Bukit Jalil

Its been a long waiting... This is my 2nd LeeHom concert.. The first one is on 2007...

I arrived at Bukit Jalil about 4.30pm.. wow.. why so early?? Because mine is RM88.00.. the cheapest among all.. So it is free seating.. To reserve the best place for the best view... I need to queue up very early... There are two entrances with four gates for RM88.00... so I manage to be the 1st at one of the gates...

Tick tock Tick tock Tick tock !!!!.. so hot.. the queue started getting longer and longer.. about 6.00pm I heard Danell Lee and Kay doing rehearsal.. wow.. both of them is the Opening Guest for this concert... aiyah.. no surprise already.. wonder why they want to do rehearsal at that hour?? no surprise already...

Still waiting patiently and keep asking myself when is the gate will open?? I so hot and tired... the organizer Galaxy's staff all wander around there and there.. Those RELA still havent finish briefing.. haihzz... so many thing brief ah?? faster la.. Galaxy staff will do the ticket checking and RELA will check all bags.. No FOOD, DRINKS, CAMERA, UMBRELLA is allowed.. Because concert is not allow to do recording lo.. Pirated may be..

The concert start about 8.20pm.. Danell perform first.. great show.. Danell get those audience crazy... The Kay turn.. aiyoo.. i really almost fainted.. her singing really terrible.. somemore sing two songs.. haihzz..

Finally finally finally finally finally... the most been waiting time arrive.. wow... he is MUSICMAN - Wang LeeHom... Why he named himself as MUSICMAN?? He like comic very much... he always inspired want to be one of the superhero such as Superman, Spiderman or Batman.. So he decide he is the music superhero called MUSICMAN.. He definitely match the name..

LeeHom is well-master in various type of musical instrulment.. As usual, in his concert, he will played few type of instrulment.. Guitar, Violin, Piano, Drum... such a talented singer.. He also composed many songs...

anyway.. he ROCK throughout the night...

(Concert Layout)

(Got one stupid lady put her stupid foot next to me)

(Various series of MUSICMAN comic)


All those photos been taken during the 1st two songs.. coz later on got ppl warn us not to snapping picture... then I also wanna concentrate on LeeHom.. hehehe... He start the concert with the song MUSCIMAN and also ended with this song also.. nice nice nice...


  1. thanks fer dropping by to my bloggie.. :) u r lucky one..still managed to captures lot of pics..haha..i totally forgot bout my camera dy..XD anyway, nice pic u got.. :)

  2. wah.. you went to the event! so great !

    is a very good event in your labour day weekend...

  3. I never been to a concert of such scale before

  4. my sister was there...
    I wish I was there....

  5. June Lim - I at RM88.00.. just busy snapping photos for the beginning.. after that no more already..

    Borneo Falcon - This is just 1 /3 of the stadium.. I been to Jacky Cheung's concert.. its open whole Bukit Jalil National Stadium..

    Josephine - no worry.. till the next time..

    Fufu - its was awesome.. hehe.. ur KK mount also nice..


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