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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

H1N1 Flu

I'm going China from 7th - 14th May 2009...

My family and I have been waiting for this trip very long already.... since this is family trip.. everyone is very excited.. we all plan this for about one year.. Since everyone is busy with own thing.. difficult to get free at once...

Unfortunately.. now is H1N1 virus "membiak".. I really need to becarefull.. bought MASK.. some medicine to get immune system stronger..

Anyway... blessing...


  1. hey wan wan!
    At last u are going for a oversea family trip.
    I am happy for u leh!

    Enjoy the trip ya, and take more photo...

    I would suggest u need to get some wet tissues and also hand sanitizer, so that u can clean ur hand anytime anywhere!

  2. wish u have a nice & safe trip & hope H1N1 wont kacau u & family lah....

  3. have fun ya...just wear the mask!! =p all the best


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