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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Papa Rich Cafe - Bandar Sri Permaisuri

Wake up this morning about 8.00pm and since nothing to do, I played FB and checking all my games progress.. meanwhile waiting my sister to wake up and I need to go post office re-new my license... Tot goin to Maluri but lazy to drive so far with expired license, so just dropby the post office at Salak South... then went to Papa Rich as I want to eat "Telur Separuh Masak" hehehe...

This outlets is opened by a chinese taukey and the staff is foreigner.. not sure from which country.. bangladesh I think...

OK.. times to place my order... bla bla bla... then when I order my half boiled egg... the waiter told me.. "itu telur kampung sudah habis, telur biasa boleh?".. then I answer him, "jadi murah sikit?".. the waiter smiled at me and seems like dunno what to do... after that I repeated my order for the half boiled egg only he wrote it down...

(Cham - Hot)

(Coffee Iced - quite kaw)

(Asam Laksa - just OK)

(Thick Toast - kaya and butter)

(my fav - half boiled egg)

Consider a very good breakfast I had today.. because of this Half Boild Egg.. hehehe... yummy... long time never had this liao... I think almost half a year...


  1. i scare to take egg nowadays. Cholestrol

  2. hahahha, Borneo Falcon getting old...

    The Kaya and Coffee looked nice...

  3. my nearby this papa rich workers is myanmar foreign, their services quite ok... i prefer their 'cendol', it like melaka cendol with the browny sugar...yeahh

  4. Borneo Falcon - I like egg lo.. but very less take Half Boiled Egg..

    Josephine - the coffee quite nice.. But if u like bitter taste then you wont like this one.. Kaya so so only..

    Mandy - their cendol nice?? hmm.. then I will try it next time. really miss melaka cendol.. yummy


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