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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Ching Ming 2009

Chinese custom, there is one day to go visit cementary.. cleam the tomb stone and pray pray... There is a certain day... This year is fall on 04.04.09 but in chinese calendar I'm not sure which day lo...

My family custom we definitely choose Sunday (05.04.09) as everyone is free.. So this year we late one day from the actual day... Suppose is one week early but my cousin brother not free.. so no choice, we become late comer lo... late better than no show up.. important we got heart.. hehehe...

We need to visit five cementary and got two is combine into one which is my grandpa and grandma... Its a sunny sunday... huh... its really HOT.... About 2 hours we finish what have to be done... missioin accomplish... till the next year again....


  1. big family gathering at the same time

  2. When comes to Ching Ming, my hometown is packed with people, even more people compare to CNY

  3. wah! GENG ah!
    need to use lorry some more!

  4. Yeah... its another time for family gathering...

    Lorry ah.. sekali gus ma.. hehehe....


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