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Friday, April 17, 2009

Manhanttan Fish Market - Mid Valley

Last Saturday, went to MV to window shopping.. but not so window... haha..

Tiring thinking of what to eat, suddenly think of Manhanttan Fish which got promotion going on now.. So me and my sister decide to give it a try.. This is the second time and its was about a year ago...

What is the promotion???

This restaurant got some AWARD and to give appreciation to their customer, they introduce this promotion.. Buy the Pacific Dory or Swordfish set, you will get extra one fish (the same fish you choose for the set).. The set with the choice of Fries or Garlic Butter Rice and Tangerie Orange Sauce or Garlic Butter Sauce.. (sorry if any mistake on the choices - that I could remember)..

So I choose Pacific Dory as I dunno what is Swordfish... and choose Garlic Butter Rice with the Oranges sauce.... Beside I order add-on which is the Fried Calmari (Sotong Goreng).. Then a "Perfect Catch" which include bottomless drink (choice of soft drink or lemon tea) and soup of the day...

Its already enough for both of us as the Rice really a lots.. Since everything is Fried.. its too oily.. so a little is mean a lots...

(Chilie sauce, Fine chop garlic, white sauce)

(Red glass means BOTTOMLESS)

(Soup of the day - Onion soup?)

(The main course - all in one including my add-on)

Total bill is :-

Pacific Dory - RM15.90
Fried Calmari - RM3.90
Perfect Catch - RM9.90
Also the 15% of service and govt tax...


  1. Last time I was there, no onion soup. The bottomless drink, I had 2 cup and I like it when they are alert that the cup need to be refilled :)

  2. onion soup so dark in color wan meh?
    It looked look seaweed soup

  3. its Onion... nice but just too oily lo..


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