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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Coca Cola Collection

Actually I'm cannot consider a big fan of COKE.. but all my friends say I'm a fanatic..

I still remember when I started to collect COKE and here it begin my collection journey... Once a upon a time (wow seems very long time ago - actually not so), when I walked around the Jusco, Melaka supermarket.. suddenly saw a gold can of COKE.. hmmm.. this is the first time I saw this kind of COKE in Malaysia.. So I'm very excited and decided to bring this GOLD COKE to my home..

And later I only know this is the limited edition from the 2002 WORLD CUP series (Malaysia Version).. what a waste as I already drink the COKE and just keep the empty can.. So this is my FIRST collection..

Not long later, my housemate also bought one but in RED colour.. the design same as the GOLD COKE... she also drank it but when she moved out, she forgot that her RED coke can.. so so so.. its already become MINE.... this is my SECOND coke..

My friend TH was working in cruise that time and during vacation he came back to malaysia and brought me 5 mini cokes from Japan.. wow.. so so mini ler.. so cute.. that's is my THIRD coke..

So the list go on and on and on and on.. until now I think my coke reached about 200 (can or bottle).. For me definitely not that much.. but for other of course seems a lots...

Countries include - Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Hongkong, Japan, Korea, Pakistan, Cambodia, Vietnam, UK, and few other western countries I'm not really remember so I dont want mention here... there is two bottles from HK/China - pending from Mandy, one can from UK pending from Jiin, one can from Australia pending from Jason... I really so excited want to see all these pending coke.. my frenz faster pass it to me la.. aiyoo....

Among all, my favourite will be the Taiwan Valentine Edition.. Taiwan is my first oversea trip and its on 2003.. Its a diet coke.. (Sorry no picture for illustration - till next time).. Another one is the Olympic Edition.. Its HK coke to celebration China Olympic.. I still remember my frenz said need to buy 3 normal coke then only can buy one bottle of this limited edition.. So the series consist of 5 bottles, he need to buy 15 normal coke.. total he got 18 coke in hand that day.. his friend all said him "u siao".. he also a COKE's fan.. He bring my COKE collection to life.. He contribute a lots in my collection.. really thanks to him...

Most of my collection is a gift from friend while they travelling to oversea.. I will ask them buy me COKE is more than enough.. no need other things lo...

Thanks to all my frenz for finding COKE and hopefully not disrupt your travelling time lo.. hehehe...

(Part of my collection)


  1. Omg!!! tat is so cool!!!!
    I like those at the bottom shelf juz beside u(^^)

  2. Hi WanWan,

    This is 1st time I see a female collector, from Msia summore, so cool! I'm a collector oso, oso from Msia, but currently studying in NZ. Hope we can be frens.

    Come visit my blog,

    Btw, what I like most from your collection, is your shirt. Only 5cents, so cheap!

  3. Do u have Coke Lime?
    It tastes really nice!

  4. Take care of your collection. Might worth something in the future

  5. joanne, have you collection japanese cola can? its smaller then normal....if you havent i can bring to you together when we meet...heheh

  6. I'm not sure whether ppl do read my writing or not.. but its doesnt matter.. got picture for illustration..

    Mandy - My third collection is the Japan mini coke lo..

    Borneo Falcon - definitely will take care it.. worth or not... its priceless in my heart..

    Johan - that's cool.. will dropby ur blog every now and then

    Xijon89 - middle one? its a mini coke from Japan..

    I started to collect the COKE when its started to change its classic version to new one which is the current one.. Fortunately, I got one classic COKE from China.. hehe

    Josephine - I got but I never taste the COKE..

  7. i got a fren who has a big coke bottle as tall as a human being which is being used as the coke cabinet i.e. to keep all other coke bottles/cans in it

  8. I bought one from China of Beijing Olympic 2008 for my sister collection. You really have a great collection. Nice cupboard you have there.

  9. im selling off my Beijing 2008 Olympic game collection . are u interested? btw.. i found ur blog while i was googling the net=)

  10. nice collection, i also a coke collector from Penang. please like my fcbk page at "Coca cola & Breweriana Beer" ok
    cheers & happy collecting

    ms.collection@yahoo.com (pls feel free to drop me an e-mail)


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