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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Confessions of a Shopaholic

If I were her, I really want to kill myself to be in such a debts.. but I think USD9412.25 in credit card debts doesn't really cost a thing for a journalist lo.. I think its over almost reach thousand USD..

Luckily I'm not so like to shop.. I'm very very lazy to shop.. unless I really got things to buy.. I rather go jungle trekking than hang out at those shopping mall...

Very funny movie I call said.. I had a great time today and enjoy through the movie.. after a stressful in the office.. a nice movie like this really a medicine for me...


  1. I will download this movie and watch it soon

  2. be in debt to buy those clothes for whom to see? the person u hate most? hehe normally that's the strange situation, to impress the people u dont like

  3. i enjoyed this movie very much!

  4. huiyo!!! whre is my credit card>>>!!???hehe


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