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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fool !!

Today is April Fool !!~~~~!!!!!

what is April Fool? bla bla bla.... I just know its a "FUN" day... a "FOOL" day.. hehehe..

Anyone got fool?? I dont have.. great day...

Beside this, today also Leslie Cheung's death anniversary..

Heard today got April Fool's virus.. not sure la.. so bkful when surfing la...



  1. In whole day I hear Leslie Chong's song at FM....non stop playing his song..... 6th anniversary ...time was past so fast till I'm dont know what had been done on yesterday....

  2. my friend told me that the bridal house that i signed their package was on fire. Total lost tim..
    But i never got fool by her... hehehhe

  3. happy beleted april fool, hehe...


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