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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Christmas @ Fahrenheit 88 & Pavillion

Jingle Bell !! Jingle Bell !! Jingle all the way !!
Ho ! ho ! ho !.... its just around the corner....
Its merry festival....
Love it....

A triangle Christmas tree made up by CD... recycle??

Main entrance.... its music note everywhere.....

I want this Giant Jingle Bell display in my house.. can?

Same old tree as last year.. But i love it.. hehehe

When can i have a white christmas?? This one also ok hor?

Gold one also ok right? But i still prefer white... this one for royal ....

If real gold then better.....

What is this? I'm not sure.... but beautiful..

You think pavillion's decoration is the grandest??


  1. It's not yet December and the trees and atmosphere are already up.

    Do you work around that area? A lot of your posts centred around Bukit Bintang area

  2. hmm not so sure pavilion is the grand 1, Sunway Pyramid had decorated into Chrismas atmosphere too! =P


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