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Friday, November 19, 2010

Another Pay To Click ??

You may click here to find out more...

I happen to get to know this through blogwalking...

This new PTC [Pay To Click] site still very new as the money earn still unable to cashout.. But since it is at very initial stage, it do offer quite an attractive reward... Whether it is a scam? Probably !! So please be watch out if you sign up.. Its at your own risk ok !! Its didn't state when will be the official launch but planned will be 2011 !! December 2011?

Once sign up, you will earn $25... OK is USD 25 meaning RM82.5 [1USD = RM3.3].. attractive? Not yet?? If you intro a frenz and the frenz sign up under you, you will earn $10....

At this moment, there isn't much transaction can be done but there will be a little guide what you can do to earn.... Daily survey, Daily voting, frequent feedback and suggestion... well good luck !!

After you perform one activities which is required, the system will prompt the below message to remind you on the dail activities... But at this screen, there isn't any button for the user to go back to the account or the homepage... Not that user friendly...

Want to know how well I earn since I sign up? Its just two days, I make USD44.50 = RM146.85 [based on USD1 = RM3.30]... Its just a few clicks only...

So do you wish to earn that too? Do click here...


  1. I dah sign up. Bagaimana nak dapat duit? bagaimana nak keluarkan duit?

  2. sure u x boleh keluarkan duit sbb itu program nak collect emel korang jer tu..plus dia nak buat duit guna adsense..sbb tu web dia ada adsense dah..hak3

  3. it's very attractive but I still agree with bloggerrich.. a bit dangerous too to just sign up with your email.

  4. Its purely sharing only.. I'm not sure whether this site is workable or not? Or a scam... well its really at your own risk ok....

  5. Well, so far the only trustworthy pay-to-click site is Neobux. I've tried a few others, all scam.

  6. for your information..this is not paid to click website..this is one of the online payment processor like Paypal and Alertpay..they will lunch their site in 2011..so,before they lunch their online payment processor services,they want to get survey from others people about what people want from "online payment processor"..what function people want to be in online payment processor..they want to build a perfect online payment processor that can beat Paypal and Alertpay..

  7. It’s pretty worth enough for me. In my opinion.
    Nice post
    PPC Company UK

  8. wow... join neobux too at my web link there http://www.lonelyreload.blogspot.com ..

  9. walau how many more comments must i post regarding PayBox? It's NOT a pay-to-click. It's a new transaction system like Paypal which instead pays people to test their services. So either it turns out to be an entire waste of my time or the opposite.
    (btw send me money : philip10khor. fake money via paybox lah haha)


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