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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Simple dinner @ Bandar Sri Permaisuri

A bit sinful dinner for tonite.... Since i'm i'm keeping fit... dinner should be a light one.. but my evil sister drag to dinner... haihzzz... tomorrow i need to jog hardly....

two of our favourite choices.... its super big portion for a little girl like us.. hehehe....

Number lucky 18.. yeah yeah... eating hawker stall also need take number??? so good business ah??? my lucky day probably tomolo.. should i buy lottery??? no la.. not encourage for gambling... probably tomolo i got promotion + increment letter??? dont dream la.. sleep early tonite..

Spagetti + Ham + Hotdog + Egg = RM5.00
Cheap?? quite for me.. as big portion tooo..... that's why need to get number lo... berbaris please...

USA Fried Rice - RM5.00
This one also very delicious... But hor... ermm.. a bit oily... the fried rice... too many.... a girl like us.. really unable to finish.. but no worry.. we wont waste it.. will finish until last drop...

Tomolo jogging... sit up... dinner only eat apple... must burn more calories..


  1. the spaghetti look nice.. hey thanks for nang me..

  2. lol in the hawker centre near sunway college, we have to take numbers too lol


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