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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Uniqlo - Farenheit 88

Its an opening day for exclusive Uniqlo from Japan...

I never thought its such crazy.. I really never see this kind of situation before at M'sia... Probably those exclusive branded shop will be like that lo... Its my first experience to queue up and somemore limited place to enter the shop... Unfortunately i arrived there 740pm and its closed... CLOSED?? so early??? OMG... I purposely go there for this.. Now its closed?? so disappointed..

(The only entrance is open for customers and the line is so long)

When I thought I will miss this opening sales... Its suddenly open again and I manage to squeeze in... Why suddenly re-open?? There one couple keep on begging and bugging the guard.. finally the guard open the gate just to let few ppl to go in... since I'm expert in LRT.. so I manage to get in... yahoooooooooo... shopping time...

(Inside Uniqlo - a long queue either at fitting room or cashier - but no worry there will be a staff holding a board stated "End Of Queue" - Let you know there is the tail)

Tote bag is another big attention of the day.... Purchase minimum RM200.00, you able to get one.. Its not normal recycle bag.. Its ... sorry i dunno what its call.... just nice enough... Anyway... I bought few items and used few vouchers.. so overall consider cheap for me liao... items price b4 vouchers RM49.90, RM24.90 and RM29.90... hehehe...

(Testing testing - so snowy here)

Ok la.. check out the photos below la...

(CLOSED and will be open tomorrow at 11am)

(People still unaware of the closure and still begging the guard)

(Satisfy shopper - hahaha- super crazy)

(the TOTE bag)

Probably will go again... see see my budget first la.. hehehe....


  1. Wow!! you must be rich. Bought so many!!

  2. show us what clothes you bought!!!

  3. What?? 11pm only open? Geng. I think they really out of stock of many things! Lucky you. Did you use your voucher?

  4. Voucher can only be used on non-promo items... sien when i got there.

    So I am going there again

  5. the queue was so crazy..and i did not go in! :(

  6. Some of the items discount to 50% and I can use the vouchers lo.. So after 50% discount plus RM20 voucher.. wow.. very cheap lo with that quality.. hahaha

  7. Looks good and lotsa discounts and promotions flying around. Are the quality of the items great or just good?

    Interested deh :p

  8. Wow.. all uniqlo.. i never been there.. weird if a guy go there shop alone.. so.. next time if u girls wanna go, give me a cal :P

  9. Does it really worth as it was such a massive crowd!!

  10. wow! shopping queens~ big offer there? so bad....me not at kl again


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