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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Bejeweled Blitz @ Facebook

What you do when you login to Facebook?

First time of course to Bejeweled.... oh gosh !! I'm dying with this game... Beating the score with a bunch of friend.... really make me energetic.... yeah yeah !!!

1 minutes, how fast you can go? How high the score you can reach??? after so long of practise.. this is my latest score.... If you think is easy? then come beat me... Be waiting... hehehe...

what is my next target? as high as I could lo.... But i think this game should upgrade lo... as the challenge is lesser for me already... hehehe !!


  1. applications are addictive. so i don't really care. about fb applications. good luck with your high score.

  2. aiyer, so geng ah? hope you can win something from being the top.

  3. Wait for Bejeweled 3 this Dec 7th lor :p Although it may take some time before it reaches fb :)

    Wait for that, then we can challenge :p

  4. crazy girl =P My score damn low lol

  5. FB games are so addictive that i had to stop all those just so I can finish my work..sigh..gudluck at breaking ur own high score :D:D


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