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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Google Adsense Crawler Error

Help Help Help !!!

I just login to my Google Adsense to check my balance. While clicking here and there (because i didnt login for quite some time), I saw my earning drop tremendously. Yup, one of the reason is I didnt update my blog for quite sometimes. Another reason is Crawler Error !!

What is Crawler Error? error? How come got error? First of all what does it means by CRAWLER?

Then I faster click in and to my surprise its said Page Is Not Found? Double check the URL is correct.But but but, why there is slash undefined? huh... You point to wrong URL, now penalty me cant get earning or ads? why why why? How to solve?

"How to Fix?" ... yes Yes Yes !! Its provide solution. So I happily click the [Page Not Found], and its lead me to brief explanation but yet no solution for dummy person like me... :( crying now...

So GOOGLE searching is my hope.. please pray that I got solution.. After looking here and there, I finally got the easy and brief solution. Unfortunately I still dont know how to do it? Anyone can help?



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