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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Olympic Day Fun Run 2013 by McDonald 's

Suppose date - 23/06/2013
Venue - Padang Merbok (nearby Dataran Merdeka)

Olympic Day Fun Run 2013 by McDonald 's alraedy postpone due to haze weather at Kuala Lumpur. Its not easy to postpone this such big event but due to worsen weather, the organizer has no choice but to postpone. Why I said it is not easy decision? About 15000 participant from all around the world, corporate participant, sponsor, volunteer, re-apply the venue so on and etc. 

But a big clap to McDonald to make this decision because on the same day, two RUNs didnt postpone which is Perodua and Kenny Roger. It is not really healthy to run outdoor at this type of condition. Plus on Sunday, the API reach the highest and Muar has to declare state of emergency and Monday KL/Sgor schools close. 

I dont mind postpone otherwise I will just ignore the RUN for my own health. 

 Soon I arrived at Wisma OCM,  notice is everywhere to inform everyone about the POSTPONE. So impossible you miss this announcement.
 The collection center, quite empty due to I collect my bib number on the last day

 What I got before the RUN, Why i said before? Because after the RUN, I might get prizes.. LOL..

 After I look at my 10KM route, I feel want to faint. The route is so so far.. hope I can conquer it within the time given..

Proudly present my number, quite good number. Hope it will bring lucky to me. Smooth smooth run till the end 

Its my second RUN for this year but its already postpone... Hope there will be announcement soon..

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