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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Critical Haze Weather

Its annual event for Malaysia and we dont really welcome this guest to arrive Mr Haze from Indonesia. Anyway, he just insist and find his own way to come here, we also cant do anything. 

The highest API reading at Malaysia reach 700+ at Muar, few area is very critical at about 400+ like Klang and 200+ at KL/PJ... School at whole KL/Sgor is close on Monday because we dont want our children face Mr Haze... Muar even declare state of emergency to block Mr Haze from entering... 

We are hoping Ms Rain will come and save us to chase Mr Haze away... Please !!!

Take care everyone... Wear mask.. Dont need to feel awful and paiseh of wearing mask... just wear for your own sake of health.. OK !! Happy Mask day !!!

P/S - Am I look like going to bersih event? lol...

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