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Friday, June 28, 2013

Carnation Quick Kitchen

Did you notice a red booth at your nearby LRT/Monorail station? Its very eye catchy booth and really make you to stopby and have a look..

Are you familiar with this brand? CARNATION? I beat most of the younger especially dont know this brand existence. Hardly get it at any hypermarket so I almost forgot this brand still available in the market.. 

Well, its a good way to promote this product using this way.. grab a lots of attention..

RM3.00 for a breakfast set, why not? And frankly speaking, the drink is superb and the bread really delicious.. My personal favourite will be the Teh C and Cheese Omelette

Small pack but full of delicious food - B

CHEESE !! My favourite !!

Nice Teh C and not sweet at all.. Hardly get this taste at mamak stall..

Dont judge it by the outlook.. eat and taste it yourself

Too bad !! Today is last day already.... Why always the nice things wont last, especially cheap and nice thing.. lol !!!

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