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Monday, March 9, 2009

Sungai Lembing Town

Sungai Lembing Town is located at Pahang and about 42km from Kuantan. Its a very very small town.. Its almost a dead town in the night.. The most active time is during morning from about 6am till 11am... Went to this small town for my mini trekking adventure on 28th Feb to 1st Mar 2009.. A really new experience for me during the whole journey..

Arrive at this small town about 3.40am, borrow Hakka Association to brush teeth.. Sorry to uncle coz need to wake up so early for us.. there is a foodcourt and so happy a stall open at about 4.30am.. Not sure the stall open specially for us or really everyday also open that early...

Start our trekking to Bukit Panaroma at about 5.15am.. Why so early? B'coz want to catch the sunrise ma.. aiyoo... hehehe...

(my homestay - 12 peoples in a room)

(The BED)

The locals told us.. there isn't any banks around.. So how? The biggest Local Bank very good service to the local.. Every Tuesday, there is mini van will come to the town and peoples can perform all type of banking transaction... There isn't much peoples in the town, mostly is kids and elderly..

(Mini petrol station)

(Library - so surprise?)

A nice escape from the big concrete jungle... hehe


  1. This place really looks like a ghost town. Even the trees look ancient. I'm sure it is a peaceful place where criminal incident hardly happened

  2. It reminded me of my mom's home town.
    With wooden houses and shop lots.

  3. Clicked your ad. Keep it up. Don't give up :)

  4. not bad for a small town, they have a library as well. i wonder which bank is providing that mini van service ..... not afraid of being rob halfway?


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